DJ Maxwell - Trust No One Part. IV - Flashforward

DJ Maxwell - Trust No One Part. IV - Flashforward

July 4th, 2023 / By: simps0n

DJ MAXWELL IS BACK. Well-known Italian producer and DJ, Massimiliano Pompegnani aka. DJ Maxwell is back 8 years after Part III was release, he is finally ready to release "Trust No One Part. IV - Flashforward"

The album contains 38 tracks produced by DJ Maxwell himself together with Simone Ermacora, including a remixed and rearranged version of “On The Turning Away” in collaboration with Neja, a new version of “Yerba Del Diablo” in collaboration with Datura and many new tracks in his signature Lento Violento style mixed in with other genres such as house, hardstyle and trance.

The album is released as a physical double CD album and digital for streaming and download on The Saifam Group Srl label.


  1. On The Turning Away (Abbraccio Mix) (feat. Neja)
  2. Up & Down
  3. Eternity
  4. Another Brick In The Wall (Medley)
  5. We Are Back (Trappo-Lento)
  6. The Sound Above My Hair
  7. Fischio
  8. Ci Vuole Un Fiore
  9. Danzantemente
  10. Música Muy Marchosa (Musica Makina)
  11. Attimo Di Fantasia (Su Le Mani Mix)
  12. Down This
  13. The Earthquake (Next Generation Mix)
  14. Boten Anna (L.V. Mix)
  15. Live The Moment
  16. The Dj
  17. Dance Elettric
  18. Back To Cali (Opera Mix)
  19. To The Rhythm (Senza Scampo)
  20. Da Destra A Sinistra (V.I.P. Live Mix) (feat. I remix)
  21. Vyger
  22. Momento (Paranoid Mix)
  23. Yerba Del Diablo (Dj Maxwell Altèra Datura) (feat. Datura)
  24. Terminator
  25. Reel (Classic Mix)
  26. Gong
  27. Tunnel (V.I.P. Live Mix)
  28. Molipara
  29. Place To Be (V.I.P. Live Mix)
  30. Mazinga
  31. Rotolino
  32. Boten Anna (V.F. Mix)
  33. Plastica (Dance House Mix)
  34. Xcelsis Dei (Drums Mix)
  35. Amor Fati
  36. Game Of Thrones
  37. Trattore
  38. Closing Theme