June 1st, 2022 / By: Würden

Italian DJ and producer Vincenzo Orefice has been producing Lento Violento / SlowStyle tracks, mostly remixes, for a long time now under his artist name Vicerian. Now he also has a new album out officially in select streaming services.

The album is in a melodic slowstyle musical style, which should fit anyone who likes the lento...

May 25th, 2022
May 24th, 2022 / By: Wausti

The Italian slow-dance producer Tømma released his album Plata y Tiempo on 20 May 2022 in all the best digital stores.

Tømma is born and lives in Cesena in the middle of Romagna, Italy. He is often in contact with the friend Genna from Magna Romagna and his first official album was released under the Moto Remoto Records label.


May 20th, 2022
May 4th, 2022 / By: Wausti

Marco Slowstyle from Bolivia has gathered friends and co-producers to make a second edition of the slowstyle / lento violento compilation Divertimento Lento vol. 2

The compilation is available as FREE DOWNLOAD and contains almost 30 tracks (29 to be exact), including...

April 30th, 2022
April 7th, 2022 / By: Wausti

Three italian guys from three different parts of Italy, Sicily, Piemonte and Puglia met through their passion for dance and electronic music. The three producers got the idea for this EP about a year ago, since they share the same vision to get italodance back to the dancefloor, and to do that there has to be...

April 8th, 2022
January 6th, 2022 / By: Wausti

During december, more specific from the 1st to the 25th, Magna Romagna has premiered a unpublished track/remix of his each day as an Advent Calendar. To get more subscribers on his youtube, he even said that for every new 100 subscribers, one track would become available for free download in high...

January 6th, 2022
December 23rd, 2021 / By: Wausti

Once again, Cristian Ruggieri and Nicola Di Matteo or simply Nik DJ have been working together on new tracks and that has now turned into a new EP!

They both come from the Abruzzo region in central Italy, just on the opposite coast of Rome. They met back in 2011 at a Gigi D...

December 25th, 2021
December 5th, 2021 / By: Wausti

Rodrigo A. Gomes aka R.A.G. DJ or Ramore Project in this case, has recently released a new single for free download. The track is based on Tobix's "Come Un Angelo" which is originally in italian, but now it has been made into a brazilian version with a few minor...

November 18th, 2021
November 29th, 2021 / By: Wausti

Magna Romagna recently announced their Advent Calendar, which will happend on YouTube in form of a new video with one of their tracks premiering each day. It's the perfect countdown to Christmas, with a present every day @ 20:30!

The rules are simple... 

- Subscribe to Youtube channel : ...

December 1st, 2021
November 29th, 2021 / By: Wausti

The three italian guys Davide Spiga (DJ Dado), Daniele Spezio and Fabrizio Buschiazzo (Galles) are together in the slowstyle project "Orizzonti Sonori", and is out with an album consisting of 8 tracks. The last track is made with...

October 20th, 2021
November 3rd, 2021 / By: Wausti

I created this label not only to popularize Slow Style in Russia and other countries where this genre is little known, but also so that people could listen and appreciate our music.
I found like-minded people, and many of them are more experienced than me, and together we will grow, improve the technique of writing music, move...

November 11th, 2021