Thomas Albrechtsen aka Domasi Albrechio was born in Randers, Denmark in 1987.

Although he grew up listening to a wide range of different styles of music, the dance music era of the late 90s and early 00s particularly caught his attention. In his teens he enjoyed listening to great Danish acts such as Barcode Brothers and DJ Aligator but the warmer and more melodic Italian sound that came with Gigi D’agostino, Eiffel 65, DJ Ross, Gabry Ponte, was the one that conquered his heart.

He started his career as a producer experimenting with trance and dance music but soon started to copy that Italian sound he loved so much. Inspired by his friend Severo he started producing his first italodance songs in 2003, going by the alias Gigi D’Alexandro, which was actually a duo consisting of him and his twin brother. His solo artist name came about, as a result of a nickname his high-school Spanish teacher gave him, namely Tomasito, meaning little Thomas. However, Thomas shorted it to ‘Domasi’ as he thought it sounded cooler.

His breakthrough came with his remix of ‘Lara Fabian – I will love again’, which successfully won a remix contest on a Spanish radio station hosted by DJ Cuad in 2003/2004. This was also the launch of what came to be a great career as an italodance remixer. At the age of 17, his remix of Indietro’s Il Destino, which he produced with his Danish friend Kayzero in 2004, was his first official remix. Shortly after he formed the group 'Glozzi' together with Kayzero, with which he also produced a number of productions. Thomas Koch (Italian Rockaz) later joined the group before it was dissolved. Domasi formed other groups and aliases with his childhood friend Allan (Il Piccolo) in the years that followed. 'Hotel Deelite' and 'Spaghetti Gangsters' are worthy mentionings. The latter he produced the original production 'La estrella en mi vida' with, which was released on Musica Maranza Vol. 3 in 2007.    

Since then Domasi has produced numerous italodance remixes working with a long list of great producers, such as DJ Zulan, Italian Rockaz, Disc Jockeyz, Sun Kidz, DJ Aligator, Persian Raver and many more. Never giving his passion for italodance up, Domasi is still active with productions to this day (2014).
Although Domasi is primarily known for his career as a remixer he has produced a few original productions, among which “Lo Principal” (2007) and “He Dances” (2011) are official releases.

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