Living in France near Lyon, Tony (Born in 1984, composer, arranger, graphist) and Giulian (Born in 1986, composer, arranger, author), having been in the same school, they discovered that they have much in common: italian origins and loving dance music, in 2003 they decided to create a group called "Dj' Ital' System". The remix "Mare" by Nilo was created. It was broadcasted in some french discos, and in Italy thanks in particular to MoveMania Radio.
Looking for a singer for their songs and future projects, Tony & Giulian met Aurelio thanks to the forum of Blisscorporation.

Singing since a young age and having the same vision that Tony and Giulian have, Aurelio (Born in 1984, author, singer, graphist) started to work with them.

From this meeting a new group was born: E M I X F A I R...
Their first track was "Love From A Star". It has a golden-age dancing sound with deep lyrics, broadcasted first in Danceria Community where it had many compliments, and was played on a italian and french radios stations. Recentlty, Manovale Sonoro - Deep in my soul (Emixfair remix) was played on Chemical Lab or Tribe in the famous italian radio station m2o, by Amoroso and Remondini, n°1 at the top sales charts on www.danceria.com during 3 weeks!

A new co-operation between the austrian label ARC RECORDS and Emixfair, who signed the song "Love from a star"...

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