The project Dancefire consists of three young DJs & producers: Armin Larndorfer, Johannes Franke and Michael Witzani and the ARC-Records production team Dominik “C.Y.T.” Cydlik and Roland Binder.

Dancefire was founded in 2001 by Armin and Johannes due to the intention of producing (Italo)Dance music together. At the beginning it was very hard, so they first tried to cover old tracks. Full of motivation they got in touch with some important people of music business. So Dancefire became acquainted with Dominik Cydlik, who is their friend and colleague now. He helped them a lot and destroyed their first dreams of a fast release.

From that moment they knew that it would be a long stony way, but the dynamic trio didn’t give up and set themselves realistic goals.

Meanwhile they’ve learned a lot and could improve their production quality. Now they began to write and produce their own songs. Domink Cydlik, who always had time for an honest review of their productions, gave them important tips for advancement.

Their track “Only Time Will Tell” was their first vocal mix. Armin was the vocalist of this song, and they worked on it together. The result was the first appearance on radio.

In summer 2005 the first step to professionality was done because ARC-Records signed the project.

The vocals for the debutsingle “Star” were recorded in the ARC-studios. The singers are C.Y.T. and Fantasy Project leadsinger Andreas Steinberger.

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