Be Angel

Be Angel

Fabrizio Campoli is the real name of the guy behind Be Angel.

It all started in January 2004 with the first single "The Power Of Love" which was a great success and played on various music television channels. In a short time the single had caught up the first place in some dance charts at the best music channels. 

At September 2004 started the collaboration with the United States and the videoclip transmitted in american music television, the debut song reached the 7th place in Canada which was a success because this style of music wasn't that much popular as it was in Europe.

In January 2005 he is ready with his second song called "Find The Answer", an ambitious plan to realize a double CD single (CD1 the English Version and CD2 an Italian Version). Two videoclips where played on various music television channels, a pop and a dance version. The dance version was also in top of some dance charts.

In June 2005 the single "Crystal Sea" got released. Be Angel collaborated with Provenzano DJ plus some other artists in particular with DJ Nick (Author of many songs). "Crystal Sea" was also included on the compilations m2o vol. 9, Mania Italia vol. 2 (EMI) and Altromondo Compilation. The song is a typical summer-song of the year 2005.

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